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Previous Award Recipients


Year Recipient Department
2017 Sharon Forward Dean's Office, Faculty of Medicine
  Eileen Kaiser Department of Pathology
  Lugene Young Health Services, Agricultural Campus
2016 Ms. Shelley Caines Department of Internetworking
  Dr. Barb Hamilton-Hinch School of Health and Human Performance
  Dr. Chibuike Udenigwe Department of Environmental Sciences (Agriculture)
  Ms. Kelly Underwood School of Physiotherapy
2015 Ms. Tina Bowdridge Department of Community Health and Epidemiology
  Dr. Keltie Jones Department of Business and Social Sciences (Agriculture)
  Ms. Tina Jones Department of History
  Dr. Florence Tarrant Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Management Undergraduate Programs
2014 Ms. Monique Comeau
Department of Economics
  Dr. Eileen Denovan-Wright
Department of Pharmacology
  Ms. Susan Mansour
College of Pharmacy
  Dr. David Matthias
Dean's Office, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
2013 Ms. Brenda Armstrong
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
  Dr. Penny Corkum Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
  Dr. Gerri Frager Department of Paediatrics
  Ms. Carolyn Young Department of Biology
2012 Mr. Ken Kam Faculty of Architecture and Planning
  Dr. Barry Lesser Department of Economics
  Ms. Angela McKinnon Science Cooperative Education Program
  Ms. Karen Watts Department of Political Science
2011 Ms. Claire Chisolm
Department of Process Engineering and Applied Sciences
  Ms. Donna Edwards Department of Classics
  Dr. Sara Faridi
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  Ms. Gretchen Smith Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2010 Ms. Patricia Collins Department of Biology
  Ms. Cherilyn MacIntosh Indigenous Black and Mi’kmaq Initiative, Schulich School of Law
  Ms. Margie Muise
Bachelor of Management Program
  Ms. Nancy Webb Faculty of Dentistry
2009 Ms. Barb Bigelow Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  Ms. Carol Madden School of Planning
  Ms. Sandy Mansfield School of Biomedical Engineering
  Ms. Pam Noseworthy Department of Spanish
2008 Ms. Catherine Currell Dalhousie Legal Aid Service
  Dr. Daniel Kelly
Department of Oceanography
  Ms. Elizabeth McCormack Dalhousie Women’s Centre
  Mr. Clement Mehlman Dalhousie Multifaith Centre
2007 Ms. Paula Flemming Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  Ms. Susan Gibson Garvey Dalhousie Art Gallery
  Dr. Tom MacRae Biology Department
  Ms. Margaret (Maggie) Snow Facilities Management
2006 Miss Marianne Hagen MBA Program, Faculty of Management
  Ms. Mary Beth MacIsaac Department of English
  Ms. Susanna Morash-Kent School of Architecture
  Prof. Peggy Redmond Music Department and Theatre Department
2005 Ms. Joanne Fenerty
School of Human Communication Disorders
  Ms. Rose Godfrey Dalhousie Law School
  Ms. Nancy Martin-Dempsey Senate Office
  Dr. Beth Retallack Faculty of Science
2004 Ms. Giselle Andrews Department of Chemistry
  Dr. Donald Cunningham Faculty of Dentistry
  Prof. Carolyn King School of Physiotherapy
  Ms. Dorothy Leslie School of Planning
2003 Ms. Judith Fox Department of Philosophy
  Ms. Peggy Griffin Registrar's Office
  Ms. Sybil Weston Student Service Centre
  Ms. Sheila Wile Faculty of Law
2002 Mr. Christopher Hill Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Ms. Michelle Hunter School of Business Administration
  Dr. Mysore Satish Faculty of Engineering
  Ms. Gretchen Smith Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2001 Mr. Bruce MacLennan Theatre Department
  Ms. Suzanne Kolmer Student Service Centre and International Student Services
  Prof. Hildi Konok Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  Dr. Heather Schellinck Psychology Department
2000 Ms. Linda Conrad Faculty of Engineering
  Ms. Barbara Maynard Faculty of Graduate Studies
  Ms. Natalie Wood
French Department
1999 Ms. Martha Barnstead Faculty of Architecture
  Ms. Dennette Hanna-Shea Faculty of Science
  Mr. Joseph Macdonald School of Business
1998 Ms. Judy Dunn School of Library and Information Studies
  Dr. Bruce Earhard Psychology Department
  Ms. Elizabeth Foy College of Pharmacy Library
1996-97 Prof. Peter Darby Faculty of Law
  Ms. Marian MacKinnon Multidisciplinary Studies Centre
1995 Ms. Sandra Hodson Counselling and Psychological Services
  Ms. Judie Woodward School of Physiotherapy