The Office of International Relations has helped create over 300 partnership agreements with universities from nearly 70 countries.

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Partnership highlights

In collaboration with our international partners, Dalhousie helps support exciting international opportunities for students and faculty. Highlights include:

Student mobility

  • Exchange agreements
    Dalhousie has over 90 international exchange agreements with dozens of universities around the world.
  • CALDO consortium of Canadian universities
    In partnership with national scholarship programs in Latin America, CALDO provides a unique, single point of access and support for students interested in studying at one of Canada’s major research universities, including Dalhousie.
  • North American Consortium on Legal Education
    Facilitates the creation of common courses in law and the exchange of law students between eight participating universities in Canada, Mexico and USA. 

  • Erasmus Mundus Global Studies Consortium
    Partnership with institutions in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Poland to facilitate the exchange of graduate students specializing in Global Studies in the Department of International Development Studies and to create an M.A. in Global Studies.


  • Ocean Tracking Network
    The Faculties of Science, Computer Science and Engineering collaborate on ocean research with universities and agencies from seven continents.
  • Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts
    A Networks of Centres of Excellence – Knowledge Mobilization project involving the Faculties of Health Professions and Arts & Social Sciences that examines refugee youth and demobilized child soldiers.
  • The Network Of America and Europa for Doctoral Mobility at Universities (NOVA DOMUS)
    A large research exchange program facilitating collaboration in areas of medical sciences, natural sciences, and engineering and technology. Funded by the European Union Erasmus Mundus program for 12 top universities in Europe and North America, including Dalhousie.
  • Jean Monnet European Union Centre of Excellence
    The Centre, which involves the Faculties of Arts & Social Sciences, Health Professions, Law and Science, partners with the European Union to examine issues relevant to both Canada and the European Union.

Joint Programs