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A Student Space Where Education "Blooms"

Posted by Office of the VP Finance & Admin on October 15, 2015 in News

Wallace McCain Learning Centre opens its doors

Dal’s newest student space was a flurry of activity Thursday morning as students, faculty, staff and special guests celebrated the official opening of the Wallace McCain Learning Commons.

Yet the most important happenings of the morning weren’t at the ceremony itself, even given the significance of Dal President Richard Florizone and Dr. Margaret McCain — whose donation to the university, together with her late husband Wallace, of $8 million made the space possible — cutting the ribbon on the new addition to Dal’s Life Sciences Centre.

No, what mattered most happened after the ceremony, when the audio-visual gear, the podium, and the Food Services trays had all been carted away. It was when students began to sneak through the last lingering remnants of the crowd, finding plenty of space in which to sit and relax. They pulled out laptops, textbooks and notes. They began chatting about the business of their day: classes, assignments, deadlines. In a corner of campus long lacking this sort of comfortable, collaborative space, the Commons’ first visitors were settling in as if it’d always been here.

In other words: students were starting to make the Wallace McCain Learning commons their own. And in doing so, they were bringing the shared vision of the McCain family and Dalhousie University to life.

Taken from Dal News; read the article online.