Sonia Beattie Leanne French-Munn
Claudia Rangel

Sonia Beattie

Vice-Provost, Planning and Analytics

The Vice-Provost Planning and Analytics works with Deans and Financial Services for annual and multi-year budgeting; manages follow-up activities from decisions made at the Provost Committee; ensures institution data is accessed and used effectively and efficiently; manages planning and execution of the University strategic and academic plan; ensures a project management framework is in place to support implementation of projects with wide University impact.

The Vice-Provost represents the Provost on academic capital projects and campus development initiatives and provides management oversight on classroom planning. As a multi-campus University (Halifax, Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in Truro and the Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick program in Saint John, New Brunswick), the Vice-Provost interacts closely with Deans to ensure priorities and operations support the cohesiveness of the University and supports campus or Faculty specific strategic or operational requirements.

Leanne French-Munn

Assistant Vice-Provost, Planning and Strategy

The Assistant Vice-Provost provides leadership and expertise for university-wide strategic planning, manages the execution of the University’s strategic priorities, evaluates outcomes in relation to project objectives and provides project management expertise on projects which have significant University impact as approved through the Provost Committee and/or as identified by the President and Provost & VP Academic.

Claudia Rangel, PhD

Assistant Vice-Provost Data and Analytics, Dalhousie Analytics

The Assistant Vice-Provost Data and Analytics of Dalhousie Analytics ( brings leadership to effective data governance to help Dalhousie fulfill the promise of using institutional data for forward looking, evidence driven, decision making for the offices of the President, Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans.
The Assistant Vice-Provost Data and Analytics’ mandate is to advance better practice, and re-envision a comprehensive role for Dalhousie Analytics to support the university’s strategic objectives.

Working across three key portfolios—Advanced Analysis and Planning (AAP), Institutional Performance (IP),and Research and Policy Analysis—Dalhousie Analytics’ mandate is to design and implement an analytical information framework, including procedures and protocols, authoritative definitions and datamarts, and standardized, easily accessible analyses.