Graduate Program Proposals

Types of Program Propopsals

New Degree or Diploma

  • Introduction of a new program or diploma that leads to an exit credential


Major Modified Program

  • New Streams, or Areas of Concentration within existing programs
  • New combined degrees or other combinations of existing programs
  • For course-based programs, changes that affect 25% or more of the program credit-hours
  • For research-based graduate programs, changes that in the determination of the Faculty of Graduate Studies affect 25% or more of the program requirements
  • Any other program modification that requires external approval by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC)

Minor Modified Program

  • Program changes falling below the thresholds for new and major modification review
  • Delegated to the Faculty of Graduate Studies

The accumulation of small changes over time may result in a program that is signifigantly different than that which was previously approved. This will periodically need to be communicated to Senate/MPHEC via a full program proposal.

Program Suspension/Termination

  • Suspension of admisssion to a degree or diploma;
  • Termination of a degree or diploma;
  • Termination of a major or honours program within an existing degree


Review and Approval Process 

Click for appropriate proposal form1 New Degree or Diploma Major Modification Minor Modification Suspension or Termination
Concept Paper X Contact FGS    
Consultation with Dean/Provost/Associate Dean Academic FGS2 X X   X
Consult CLT, Financial Services, Registrar (see Internal Assessments)        
Department/School approval X X X X
Faculty Council approval X X X X
AACHHR Approval (Med/Dent/Health) X X   X
Internal Assessment X X    
Internal Review Committee X X    
External Review X      
External Review (no site-visit)   X    
Submission of complete package to Faculty of Graduate Studies
FGS Academic Programs Subcommittee approval  X X X
FGS Faculty Council approval  X      
Senate Academic Programs and Research Committee 
X X X (info only) X
Senate approval  X      
Board of Governors consent agenda X     X
MPHEC assessment and approval  X X   X

1 Not including AACHHR forms, as needed. Select the AACHHR link for access
2 Key outcomes are to discuss institutional support for the concept paper/proposal development; discuss ERBA-Exempt program status (if applicable) and initiate approval steps
3Faculty approval processes may vary  

*Approval of any proposal by the Senate or Board may be required as determined by University Secretariat