The Deep Dive

Season Two

The Deep Dive offers a fresh look at Dalhousie University through the lens of Dr. Deep Saini, our 12th president and vice-chancellor. Meet the people who push boundaries and inspire change — on our campuses and in our communities. See more videos from Season One.  

Episode 4: Transforming Climate Action with Dr. Anya Waite

In this episode of The Deep Dive, Dr. Saini speaks with Dr. Anya Waite, Dalhousie’s Associate Vice President of Research, Ocean and the Scientific Director and CEO of the Ocean Frontier Institute.

They discuss the research initiative she is spearheading for Dalhousie which is currently competing for funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund – a federal program that empowers Canadian universities to transform key strengths into world-leading capabilities.

The research Dr. Waite is proposing is of global consequence. What she and her colleagues at partner universities aim to reveal will very likely compel Canada and governments around the world to recalibrate their climate goals in significant ways.

Episode 3: Going for Gold with Troy Ryan

In this episode of The Deep Dive, Dr. Saini speaks with Troy Ryan, head coach of the Dal Tiger’s women’s hockey team, as well as the current head coach of Hockey Canada’s national women’s team. Troy has just returned from leading the national women’s team to a gold medal victory at the Beijing Olympics.

Episode 2: Here We Code with Andrew Rau-Chaplin and Aleysha Mullen

In this episode of The Deep Dive, Dr. Saini speaks with Dr. Andrew Rau-Chaplin, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, as well as alumna Aleysha Mullen, who is now a developer with partner MOBIA Technology Innovations. Together, they discuss the recent launch of Here We Code — a digital movement to establish Nova Scotia as one of Canada’s top digital ecosystems in the next five years.

Episode 1: The Future of the Pandemic with Dr. Lisa Barrett and Dr. David Anderson

In this episode of The Deep Dive, Dr. Saini speaks with Dr. Lisa Barrett, an infectious disease expert from our Faculty of Medicine, along with the Dean of our Faculty of Medicine, Dr. David Anderson. They share their perspectives on what we have learned in our response to COVID-19, as well as their perspectives on the future of the pandemic.