The Deep Dive

The Deep Dive
offers a fresh look at Dalhousie University through the lens of Dr. Deep Saini, our 12th president and vice-chancellor. Meet the inspiring people who push boundaries and inspire change — on our campuses and in our communities.

Episode 7: Accelerating Teaching and Learning Innovation with Jennifer Stamp, Robert Huish and Mona Challa

In Episode 7 of The Deep Dive, Dr. Saini speaks with two of Dalhousie’s all-star teachers, Dr. Jennifer Stamp and Dr. Robert Huish, about their cutting-edge approaches to teaching, and how the pandemic has further accelerated their innovation in the (virtual) classroom. Joining them is Dalhousie student, Mona Challa, who has taken courses with both Dr. Stamp and Dr. Huish.

Episode 6: Discussing Battery Technology with Dr. Jeff Dahn

In Episode 6, Dr. Saini speaks with renowned Dalhousie scientist, Dr. Jeff Dahn, about his transformative work in lithium-ion battery technology, his partnership with Tesla, and his commitment to teaching and student mentorship.   

Episode 5: Engaging Communities with Cathy Martin & Jalana Lewis

In Episode 5, Dr. Saini speaks with Dalhousie’s director of Indigenous community engagement, Cathy Martin, and director of African Nova Scotian community engagement, Jalana Lewis, about these new roles and their plans for Dalhousie.

Episode 4: Shared History, Excellence & Inclusion with Professor Peter Mathieson

In Episode 4, Dr. Saini speaks with long-time colleague and principal and vice-chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, Professor Peter Mathieson, about the historic ties between our universities as well as both institutions' commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion today.

Episode 3: Restorative Justice with Jennifer Llewellyn Holly Northam

In Episode 3, Dr. Saini speaks with Schulich School of Law Professor Jennifer Llewellyn and University of Canberra’s Dr. Holly Northam about their international collaboration in the field of Restorative Justice, as well as the Restorative Research, Innovation & Education Lab recently launched at Dalhousie with the support of the Donald R. Sobey Foundation.

Episode 2: At Dal's Black Student Advising Centre with Nico Jones

In Episode 2, Dr. Saini sits down with two-time Dalhousie graduate and Stewart McKelvey lawyer, Nico Jones, to talk about his experience at the Dalhousie Black Student Advising Centre.

Episode 1: Meet Deep Saini 

In the first episode of The Deep Dive, we turn the tables, and Dr. Saini answers the questions - giving our community the chance to get to know our new president better.