Respirator Fit Testing


A respirator is a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is meant to protect a person’s respiratory system from a hazard. This hazard may be dust, bacteria, chemical vapours, or a number of other substances. Respirators should only be used when other control methods cannot adequately eliminate, substitute or reduce the hazard.

Respiratory Hazard Assessment

Before the use of a respirator can be considered, the supervisor must conduct a hazard assessment for the task(s) being performed. The Respiratory Hazard Assessment Form [539 KB] must be completed by the supervisor to determine if the task requires personnel to don a respirator.

After it has been establish that there is a need to wear a respirator in the workplace, it will need to be determined what style of respirator will be required. Various resources are available online, or by contacting the EHS Office.

There are various types of professionals who may be required to wear a respirator, such as animal care personnel and facilities maintenance staff. Styles of respirators that can be fit tested include N95, half-face, and full-face respirators. Please note that loose-fitting PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) do not require a fit test.

Respirator Fit Test Preparation

Respirators are used to protect a person's respiratory system in a workplace where they may be exposed to a hazard. If a respirator does not fit correctly, it will not protect the person wearing it. As such, a Respirator Fit Test is required to determine which respirator model fits a given individual.

Personnel and their supervisor must the review the Respirator Fit Test Participant Guide [153 KB]. The guide outlines the process for determining if a respirator is required, how to prepare for the respirator fit test, what the respirator fit test consists of, and care and use of the respirator. This guide must be reviewed before booking a Respirator Fit Test.

After the Respiratory Hazard Assessment Form establishes the need for use of a respirator and after reviewing the Respirator Fit Test Participant Guide, please log in to SharePoint for information on how to book a respirator fit test based on campus.