Fire Warden System

Dalhousie's Fire Warden System helps the Deans, Directors and Chairs who are responsible for the safety of those who work and study in their units. In most of the University's major buildings, the head of the department or administrative unit has appointed a chief fire warden. The chief warden's overall responsibility is evacuating the building in an emergency. Most units have also appointed area or floor wardens to work with the chief fire wardens.

Fire wardens provide a vital service for the university and the staff, faculty, students and visitors with whom they share their buildings. Each member of the University community is indebted to our fire wardens. By volunteering their time and effort, they make the University a safer place to study and work.

The Environmental Health and Safety Office provides information, training and support to the teams of wardens to ensure that the University maintains a reasonable standard of fire safety.

To become a Fire Warden

We are always in need of more wardens. However, it is important to recognize the responsibility associated with this designation. Floor wardens are responsible for ensuring their assigned section of the floor is cleared of persons, and reporting to the chief fire warden once out of the building. The chief fire wardens will relay the information to the responding emergency service.

To become a fire warden:

  1. Review the list of Chief Wardens (below) and contact the one for your building expressing your interest to be assigned an area.
  2. Read the Fire Warden Handbook [PDF - 668 KB] and understand the responsibilities you will have.
  3. Get a hat and lanyard either from the chief warden or by contacting the EH&S Office.
  4. Be prepared to take action in case of a fire alarm or required evacuation.

To view the list of Chief Fire Wardens, log in to SharePoint.