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No Smoking

Policy Statement

Dalhousie is a no smoking University. It is committed to providing a safe and healthy place in which to work and study. Dalhousie University recognizes the hazards posed by exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke. Accordingly, Dalhousie University does not permit smoking in any University owned or leased building, on University property, or in University vehicles. Exceptions may be made to accommodate the use of tobacco or related substances in connection with culturally significant celebrations such as those conducted, occasionally, at Dalhousie University by members of First Nations' communities.

Moving to a smoke-free institution was a pioneering effort. Dalhousie was the first University in Canada to declare its property 'smoke-free'. The decision to adopt such a policy is strongly supported by students, faculty, and staff.


Under this policy those who wish to smoke are asked to leave University property. While smoking on public property smokers are asked to avoid littering, to be respectful of others, and of course to abide by the municipal by-law.

Members of the University and visitors, who wish to smoke, are asked to leave University property to do so. Those smoking in areas surrounding the University are expected to respect municipal by-laws and provincial legislation . They are asked to be considerate of the wishes of neighbouring residents, businesses, and institutions.