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Contractor Safety

Policy Statement

Dalhousie University and its contractors share responsibility for attempting to ensure that people are not harmed as a result of construction, maintenance, or related activities on University property. As a consequence, Dalhousie requires that contractors operate safely and in accord with the appropriate legislation and Dalhousie's Environmental Health and Safety Program.


Before being awarded a contract for construction and related work, all prospective contractors shall be informed of this policy and provided with a written outline of the safety performance expected of all contractors.

The safety record of a prospective contractor shall be one of the factors considered in the awarding of a contract for construction or related work.

Contractor Safety Requirements:

A contractor shall ensure that all work undertaken on Dalhousie property conforms to the requirements of all municipal, provincial and federal by-laws, acts and regulations in matters of health, safety, and environmental protection.

As part of a response to a call for tenders, or as part of any proposal to undertake work on University property, a contractor must supply information on the contractor's accident experience and how that experience compares to other firms carrying out similar work in Nova Scotia.

A contractor shall assign responsibility for the safety of work undertaken by the contractor to an employee who will be on-site during the contract. The employee who is assigned safety responsibilities will provide Facilities Management with copies of minutes of all safety meetings and safety inspections which deal with work carried out under the contract.

A contractor shall ensure that all equipment brought onto University property is in safe working order and that all safety features are in good operation order and that the equipment is maintained in this condition.

A contractor shall ensure that all employees are trained in Dalhousie's lockout and confined space entry procedures and that these procedures are observed when appropriate.

No contractor shall bring onto University property any product controlled under the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) unless the product is appropriately labelled, employees are fully trained in WHMIS, and in the safe use, storage and disposal of the chemical and the contractor has first provided Facilities Management with a current material safety data sheet for the product.

The contractor shall maintain the work-site in a neat and safe fashion. Upon the completion of the work, the contractor shall remove all equipment, supplies, debris, etc. from University property.

Where a hazard cannot be otherwise controlled, a contractor shall ensure that employees have the appropriate personal protective equipment and that the equipment is worn when needed. Additionally, the contractor shall ensure that adequate safety precautions are in place to avoid injury or damage by the hazard.

A contractor will provide a first aid attendant and supplies as appropriate to the nature of the work and the requirements of provincial regulations. In the event of an accident, the contractor is encouraged to seek assistance from Health Services during normal hours or from Security after hours.

A contractor shall promptly notify Facilities Management of any accident which resulted or could have resulted in an injury or property damage, and will assist the University in any resulting investigation.

No contractor employee may smoke anywhere on property owned or leased by Dalhousie University.


The Director of Facilities Management is responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure that work undertaken by contractors does not endanger people or University property.

Date Issued: October 1993 Date Revised: August 1999