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Accident Investigation

Policy Statement

The Environmental Health and Safety Committee shall establish an Accident Investigation Committee consisting of six members, at least three of whom shall represent employee groups.


Upon receiving notification of an accident, the Director of Environmental Health and Safety will ask two members, at least one of whom represents an employee group, to investigate the accident and, where appropriate, to make recommendations to prevent re-occurences.

Normally, the Director will not ask a member to investigate an accident that has occurred in the member's work unit.

When appropriate, they will also be assisted by the Safety Officer or the Chair of the Health and Safety Committee of the department in which the accident occurred.

On occassion, it may be necessary to enlist another member of the University whose particular expertise would assist in the investigation.

It is expected that the supervisor, the person involved in the accident and all other members of the University will co-operate with the investigation.

The report on the investigation will be forwarded to the Chair of the department, the departmental Safety Officer or Safety Committee, and the Environmental Health and Safety Committee.

The Following Types of Accidents Will Be Investigated:

  • All serious injury accidents which result in hospitalization or absences for two or more days.
  • All fires or explosions.
  • All major spills or releases of chemicals.
  • Any accident or series of accidents that the Environmental Health and Safety Committee wishes investigated.
Date Issued: October 1993 Date Revised: August 1999