Local Safety Committees

Date Issued: April 1990
Date Revised: October 1993


Chairs, Heads of Departments, and Directors of Divisions are responsible for the environmental health and safety of their Department or Division. To assist them and to involve staff and supervisors in developing and implementing an environmental health and safety program, Chairs, Heads of Departments, and Directors of Divisions are encouraged to establish environmental health and safety committees.


Formal membership on Departmental or Divisional committees should be broadly representative of groups within the unit and should include individuals with both supervisory or administrative responsibilities as well as other Departmental employees.

The Chair, Head, or Director may also wish to involve students or others in the work of the committee.

Members of Departmental or Divisional safety committees should meet regularly at least once every three months.

Minutes should be taken and be made available to all members of the Department or Division. A copy of these minutes will be sent to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety for the University.

Reporting to the Head, Chair, or Director of the Division, the Committees will:

  • Recommend policies, procedures, guidelines, and/or codes of practice for all aspects of health and safety within the Department, so as the Department will maintain the highest possible standards of occupational health and safety, and be in compliance with provincial and federal laws;
  • Recommend such alterations to the physical facilities or work practices it may deem necessary or desirable in order that all work may be carried out in a safe and healthy manner and submit these recommendations to the Chair, Head, or Director;
  • The Committee will strive to promote the cooperation of all members of the Department or Division in encouraging safe work practices and for a safe environment, and to this end will, when deemed necessary, prepare and distribute such education and informational materials as may be appropriate, and arrange educational meetings as appropriate;
  • With the agreement of the Chair, Head or Director, the Committee may solicit advice, help, and input from any experts or any others that the Committee deems may be helpful in its deliberations on any problems; and
  • Monitor Departmental or Divisional health and safety performance and report annually through the Chair, Head or Director to the members of the Department and the Dalhousie Environmental Health and Safety Committee.


The Chair, Head or Director is responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of the Committee.