Consultation, Protocols, Approvals



All investigators are encouraged to consult with the university veterinarians, University Committee on Laboratory Animals (UCLA) representatives, animal facility supervisors and the UCLA secretary or UCLA chair before submitting a protocol for review. This consultation will aid in the design of a project regarding the selection of species, number of animals required, caging or housing requirements, and special technical assistance and costs, and will serve to avoid delays in the approval process.


Investigators are encouraged to submit a completed Protocol Form A at least three months ahead of the anticipated date of beginning research, even if funding has not yet been received. This allows time for any questions to be addressed or information to be obtained. There are often issues that need clarification, and a delay of several days to weeks at the start of a project can be avoided by careful planning.

Researchers will be required to indicate whether they have submitted a protocol for animal use when they submit a research grant or contract proposal to Research Services. Read the detailed instructions for protocol submission, and access Protocol Forms A, B and C.

The committee requires a detailed description of all proposed animal uses. Copies of grants or contracts are not acceptable for submission. It is essential that all committee members understand the procedures that they are reviewing. Use lay language when describing your work. Anything that enhances the comprehension of the proposed work such as flow charts is appreciated and will facilitate the approval process.

Investigators proposing the use of invertebrates, tissues obtained at necropsy or from a slaughterhouse must submit a one page Protocol Form C for approval. Form C protocols are given a two-year approval period and are required for fund release.

Scientific peer review of all proposed studies is required.

Approval periods

Protocols are given a one-year approval period. At the end of that period, a Protocol Form B may be applied for for a further one-year extension if there have been no changes to the work approved in the original Protocol Form A application. At the end of this two-year period, the protocol must be re-submitted for full review. The extension Protocol Form B for renewal also includes an amendment section that may be used to make minor amendments or adjustments to the approved protocol.