Release of Funds Agreements

For research involving humans

The university requires that all research involving humans must receive the approval of the appropriate research ethics board(s) prior to such research being undertaken (Dalhousie University Policy on the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Humans, Section 5.2.5, in concordance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, article 6.11). When research involving humans is funded, research ethics board approval(s) must be in place before the university will grant access to the funds to the principal investigator.  

The Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions between the Tri-Council and Dalhousie University states that the university shall “allow access to grant funds only after the institution's research ethics board ("REB"), or an REB designated by the institution, has approved the research project, unless the activities involving human participants will only take place in the future, in which case a part of the funds may be released to cover only expenses to be incurred before human participants are involved” (Section 3.4, 1.4). This federal Tri-Council standard is applied to all research funding awarded to Dalhousie University researchers and held at the university.

The purpose of the Request for a Release of Funds Agreement form [DOC - 18 kB] is to enable the principal investigator to request authorization to expend the part of their research funding that will cover only activities to be undertaken before human participants are involved in the research (that is, before research ethics board review and approval is required). Upon receipt of a complete request form, the request will be reviewed by the Director, Research Ethics; if approved, the Director, Research Ethics will forward the Release of Funds Agreement, in which the researcher agrees that s/he will not conduct any research involving humans until after research ethics approval for the research has been obtained, nor with s/he expend any research funds on activities that require research ethics board review and approval, to the principal investigator for review and signature.

Upon receipt of the completed Release of Funds Agreement, Research Services will authorize the opening of the research account with Financial Services.