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Innovation Challenge Backed by $33M in research funds

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on October 3, 2022 in Research Funding

The Weston Foundation is putting up $33 million in research funds over six years to attract diverse teams to apply for a six-year national-level innovation challenge.

Although the Challenge Statement for the Homegrown Innovation Challenge is focused on ‘producing berries out of season in Canada’, this Challenge is not only for plant scientists and researchers in Agriculture! Growing berries out of season in Canada requires solutions that are inclusive of energy generation and storage, sensors, lighting, materials, temperature control, etc.

Therefore, the path to producing berries out of season will be left entirely for you and your team to define with refreshingly few restrictions on use of funds.

The winning team has the potential to secure up to $8M by the end of the challenge with no limit to the number of teams applying at a single university, and multi-university teams also permitted.

Read more [PDF 171 kB] on your opportunity to participate!

Contact Details

Holly O’Leary, Senior Development Officer – Foundations and Corporations, Office of Advancement, or call (902) 225-7281.


December 20, 2022.