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Research Support Fund

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on March 28, 2022 in Announcements

Did you know that an applicant’s primary Institutional affiliation is central to the calculation of the Research Support Fund (RSF) credit breakdown?

CIHR would like to remind the research community that research support fund grants are provided to Canadian postsecondary institutions and can be used for a number of indirect costs of research (e.g. heating, lighting, ethics reviews, management of intellectual property, safety compliance, lab equipment maintenance, etc.)

The institution listed as the Primary Record in an applicant’s Canadian Common CV (CCV) is a critical piece of information that is used to calculate RSF grant credit shares for the program. Incorrect Primary Affiliation values can result in the assignment of a participant on a CIHR grant to the incorrect institution. To prevent this, research support staff can play an important role in ensuring colleagues understand the importance of providing the correct information in the CCV’s Primary Affiliation field and updating it as required.

An individual’s primary Institutional affiliation, as recorded in CIHR’s database, can be confirmed and updated, at any time, by contacting CIHR’s Contact Centre.

For more information about the Research Support Fund, we invite you to visit the RSF webpage.

Thank you,

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research