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Association of Canadian Early Career Health Researchers

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on December 6, 2021 in Announcements

ACECHR is a group of Canadian early-career health investigators advocating for funding policies and career development opportunities that would promote a sustainable research workforce and invest in future discovery and innovation in health research. Members of the ACECHR are current (0-5 years in faculty position) or recent (about 5-8 years in faculty position) early career health researchers with an affiliation at a Canadian institution. Early-career investigators (ECIs) or early career researchers (ECRs) are typically assistant professors at research universities and hospitals who have held their positions for 8 years or less. There is no charge for membership.

Become a member today.

The group is also currently looking to fill one spot on the ACECHR National Steering Committee. Terms on the National Steering Committee are for 2 years, with an approximate time commitment of 3-4 meetings/year and approximately 1 hour/month contributing to tasks related to ACECHR National Steering Committee. You must be a member of ACECHR to self-nominate.

The group is accepting nominations until December 5, 2021. As soon as you submit your member form, you can then submit this self-nomination form.