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Canadian Science Policy Centre

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on March 29, 2021 in Events

The Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC) is launching new programs to enable and train the next generation of science policy experts. These programs include the following:

CSPC Career Campus Series: These 10+ sessions intend to train the trainees with diverse career options in the field of science policy. These sessions aim to educate attendees about potential career trajectories in science policy indifferent sectors and international paths. There will be two sets of sessions: Meet the Executives and panel sessions with early or mid-career professionals. 

SciPol Series: This series will be 10 + sessions consisting of interviews and panels of different leaders of science and innovation policy in Canada discussing emerging issues. 

Day-long Training Workshops: These workshops are designed to enable the next generation of experts through professional development. You can view a list of different workshops offered here.

Additional Events

2021 Science Meets Parliament: Delegates have been announced, the full list can be viewed here. Science Meets Parliament is a program offered by CSPC in partnership with Canada’s Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Mona Nemer. This program aims to help scientists become familiar with policy making at the political level, and for Parliamentarians to become familiar with scientific research and its use in policy making. Click here to read about the Science Meets Parliament program. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities for Science Meets Parliament 2021, please click here.

CSPC 2021: Themes, topics and call for panel proposals have been announced. Feel free to share this news within your network.