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Change Lab Action Research Initiative

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on February 8, 2021 in Events

The Change Lab Action Research Initiative (CLARI) is hosting an event in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Government’s Outpost for Public Sector Innovation (OPIN). The event is designed primarily for faculty participation.

The event will take place on Tuesday February 16 and is titled “Unleashing the Power of Post-Secondary/Government Collaboration”.

Interested faculty may contact the CLARI network manager, Ray MacNeil at for registration details. While this event is meant to be a fairly small gathering (only 20 faculty seats), interested faculty will be registered for the event on a first come first served basis and/or connected to a larger conversation that is being initiated through CLARI and OPIN.

Event Description

“In a province of less than 1 million people, in a relatively small geography, Nova Scotians should expect that their institutions would work closely together to accomplish goals that are in the interest of Nova Scotians. This event is an opportunity to discuss, and possibly rethink, how government departments leverage the research capacity that exists in Nova Scotia post-secondary institutions. Participants will explore what’s possible through informal conversations between those who develop programs and policies and community-engaged faculty interested in finding ways to better contribute to the Nova Scotia policy agenda.

This event is hosted by CLARI in partnership with the Outpost for Public Sector Innovation and will be of interest to those curious about improving the engagement of post-secondary institutions in Nova Scotia. In this session, public servants will be joined by researchers from different post-secondary institutions. It will be an informal opportunity to discuss this topic and to increase the connectivity between government employees and post-secondary researchers.”