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Consultation Webinars on Climate Finance

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on August 10, 2020 in Announcements

Global Affairs Canada invites you to save the dates and times below to share your ideas for a potential climate partnership program to promote new, innovative partnerships focused on climate adaptation and mitigation in ODA eligible developing countries.

During the weeks of August 17th and 24th, the Department be hosting the following webinars to help inform the orientation and design of a possible partnership facility:


  1. General/introductory discussion (English): August 17, 10h00 to 11h30
  2. General/introductory discussion (French): August 17, 13h00 to 14h30
  3. Focus: Climate Change Adaptation (Bilingual): August 18, 11h00 to 12h15 
  4. Focus: Climate Change Mitigation (Bilingual) August 18, 15h30 to 16h45
  5. Focus: Indigenous Peoples and Climate Action partnerships (Bilingual) August XX (date to be determined)
  6. Focus: Promoting Gender Transformative Climate Action (Bilingual): August 20, 13h00 to 14h15
  7. Focus: Engaging the Private Sector  (Bilingual) August 21, 13h00 to 14h15

This webinar series will supplement the broader Ministerial Climate Finance Strategy consultations, with information from the webinars shared with the Department’s consultation team. 

Participants are also invited to contribute separately to the Government’s overall Climate Finance consultation by visiting this page.

Participants are also invited to provide written input related to the webinar topics or any other elements they deem important by submitting an email to