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SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on April 27, 2020 in Research Funding

SSHRC is developing initiatives to support the social sciences and humanities research community during this time of unprecedented disruption and distress. As part of this effort, SSHRC is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative within the Partnership Engage Grants: the PEG COVID-19 Special Initiative.

The potential contributions of researchers from the humanities and social sciences, including Indigenous research, are considerable – from highlighting the lessons of history, to probing individual and group behaviour, to exploring possible responses in policy and practice from  all sectors and disciplines, be it education, arts, economics, etc.

The PEG COVID-19 Special Initiative provides short-term and timely support for small-scale, stakeholder-driven partnerships through Partnership Engage Grants (PEG). This Special Initiative will allow researchers and their partners the possibility to address urgent and specific needs, as well as challenges or opportunities through collaborations. It will also provide a unique opportunity to foster knowledge exchange between postsecondary researchers and different sectors of society while including students, PhDs, PDFs and other HQPs on the COVID-19 crisis related issues, challenges and impacts.

SSHRC is committed to investing up to $1.5 M over the next two PEG competitions to support COVID-19 related projects. Grants are valued at a maximum amount of $25K per project for duration of one year.

Further details, including application information, are available on SSHRC’s website at the following link.

Dominique Bérubé
Vice-President, Research