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Academics Without Borders (AWB)

Posted by Danielle Andres on December 18, 2017 in Announcements

We would like to inform the university community that Dalhousie recently became a member university of Academics Without Borders (AWB), a Canadian NGO which supports capacity development in tertiary education in developing countries.

With very limited funding, AWB primarily assists Canadian academics and staff who, together with their own developing country partners, identify feasible capacity-development projects which they are prepared to work together to implement. The expectation is that Canadian academics will contribute their time on a pro bono basis to the project, that the developing country partners will contribute resources where possible (accommodations, personnel, ground transportation, etc.), and that AWB will assist with direct out-of-pocket costs (airfares, etc.).

The AWB periodically issues calls for proposals for capacity-development projects that are designed to build on established relationships between Canadian academics and their colleagues in tertiary institutions in developing countries.  Promising proposals submitted to its Calls are developed further by AWB staff and with personnel from the developing-country partner institutions, and then efforts are made to identify the various resource contributions needed for successful implementation.

Any Dalhousie faculty member interested in working to develop pro bono projects with developing country partners for submission to AWB may contact the International Research Facilitator in Dalhousie Research Services ( for more information. Please also visit the AWB website.