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Documents We Need

Ensuring your account can be opened smoothly

A number of documents are required to be on file in DRS before final approval can be given for your account to be opened in Financial Services, and your funds released.

  • A copy of the original funding application and budget (if applicable);
  • For grants:
    • a Letter of Award or grant agreement. Note that grant agreements are to be negotiated by the legal advisor and signed by the vice president research
    • a completed, fully-signed Grant Investigator Checklist [PDF - 262 kB], including a signed Research Accountability Statement
  • For contracts:
  • Copies of ethical approvals and certifications, if any are required (human ethics, animal ethics, biohazards, radioactive materials, analytical x-ray use, laser use). Please ensure that all such approvals/certifications are in place for the life of the project to avoid your funding being put on hold.

Special circumstances

  • Research Account Application Forms: Occasionally, researchers are granted funds, such as startup funding or internal funding, which do not require the usual Research Services processes. In these cases, a Research Account Application Form [PDF - 183 kB] is required by Financial Services. If you are unclear, please contact the Research Grants Officer (caroline.sequeira@dal.ca).
  • Student Awards: if you receive notification of an award for one of your students, please contact your Facilitator in DRS. We will need to determine if the funding should be managed by DRS, or the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


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