Additional Services

Helping you manage your funding

ORS staff can provide additional services to you in managing your funding:

  • Amendments to agreements: Changes, such as an extended timeframe or revised budget, are often needed for projects. An amendment to the agreement needs to be in place for these changes to be effected. Please contact us to help you initiate any required changes to your research agreement.
  • Transfers of funds: If you have project partners (identified in the original application) to whom you wish to transfer part of your funding, please contact us. We will work with you to draw up the appropriate documentation:
    • For a grant, the PI is required to complete and sign a Request for Letter of Transfer of Funds Form [DOC - 26 kB]. A Letter of Transfer of Funds will then be prepared. For more information, please contact the ORS research grant officer, Caroline Sequeira at¬†
    • For a contract, the legal advisor will prepare a Memorandum of Agreement governing the terms and conditions of the funding.

Depending on your project and the funder, we can provide additional services to help you manage your funding including:

  • International development projects: Staff in IR&D can assist with orientation of new project staff, financial management of project funds and reporting requirements. Should your project involve bringing international visitors and visiting scholars to Dalhousie, please consult the International Visitors information page prepared by Human Resources¬†[login required].
  • Large grants: Large grants involving networks of researchers and/or annual budgets in the six-figure range often require a range of expertise. For this reason, we can provide application development support teams and/or post-award oversight committees.


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