For Researchers

ILI will help you manage outgoing relationships with industry partners and generate new ones. ILI facilitates relationships between companies and researchers to foster collaboration.

Dalhousie researchers regularly generate a range of new inventions and technologies. This research may be licensed to local or global company partners or spun out into its own company. ILI assesses the potential commercial impacts of researchers’ output, manages intellectual property protection, markets, negotiates and licenses technology to corporate partners.

ILI is also responsible for material transfer agreements (MTAs), confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs) and other agreements involving intellectual property. ILI can assist researchers and companies to ensure that adequate protection and controls are in place to meet requirements on all projects.

How ILI can help

  • expand your opportunities
  • advise you on the commercial potential of your specific research initiative and develop a commercialization plan
  • identify and introduce you to potential industry partners
  • navigate commercialization funding resources
  • advise you of best practices of successful company research collaborations