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Dalhousie University - Industry Liaison and Innovation (ILI)

Suite 207, 1344 Summer Street
PO Box 15000
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  B3H 4R2
Telephone: 902-494-3509

Fax: 902-494-5189

Email: innovation@dal.ca

Stephen Hartlen
Assistant Vice President (Industry Relations) and Executive Director

Telephone: 902-494-3237

Email: stephen.hartlen@dal.ca

Kevin Dunn, P.Eng

Telephone: 902-494-1648
Email: kevin.dunn@dal.ca
Doris Grant, MSc

Telephone: 902-494-6996

Email: doris.grant@dal.ca
James Dean-Moore

Telephone: 902-494-3397
Email: james.dean-moore@dal.ca

Margaret Palmeter

Telephone: 902-494-1693
Email: margaret.palmeter@dal.ca
Jolene MacEachern
Manager (Agriculture and Aquaculture)
Telephone: 902.956.9659
Email: jmaceachern@dal.ca
Annette Rushton
 (Life and Health Sciences)
Telephone: 902-494-1830
Email: annette.rushton@dal.ca
Heidi Walsh Sampson
Associate Legal Counsel, ILI
Telephone: 902-494-6313
Email: heidi.walsh-sampson@dal.ca
Bernadette Malone, B.O.A.
Financial Manager

Telephone: 902-494-6285
Email: bernadette.malone@dal.ca
Christine Reid 

Office Manager

Telephone: 902-494-3509

Email: christine.reid@dal.ca

Natalie Shires
Contract Coordinator and Event Manager
Telephone: 902-494-1736
Email: natalie.shires@dal.ca

(Currently out of office on secondment
returning March 25, 2019)