Deadline (Application): CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars Program

The CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars program is one of the most prestigious early-career research opportunities in the world. Scholars are selected for their research excellence and receive mentoring from the world’s leading academics. They join the CIFAR community of international researchers to collaborate across disciplines and explore the most important questions facing science and humanity. 

Each CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar receives:

  • $100,000 CAD in unrestricted research support
  • A two-year term in a CIFAR research program, a global, interdisciplinary network of top-tier research leaders
  • Mentorship from a senior researcher within a CIFAR research program
  • Opportunities to network, collaborate, and form a community with peers from diverse disciplines across CIFAR’s research programs
  • Specialized leadership and communication skills training, and support to put skills into action.

Who is eligible:

Applicants may be based anywhere in the world, must hold a PhD (or equivalent) and be within the first five years of starting a full-time research position at an institution of higher education or research.

CIFAR invites applications from early-career research leaders who can engage with any of the following CIFAR research programs: 


Internal: October 13, 2021 at 4:30pm. Contact

Funder: October 27, 2021 at 11:59pm PDT

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