Internal Deadline - SSHRC Insight Grants

Insight Grants are open to individual researchers and research teams affiliated with an eligible Canadian postsecondary institution in one or more of the target areas of interest. Insight Grants provide funding to conduct research related to online disinformation and other online harms as well as their impact in the Canadian context.

Please consult the full competition details.

Insight Grants Award Supplements - Joint Initiative for Digital Citizen Research Initiative:

Canadian Heritage is partnering with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to provide funding support through arms-length Connection and Insight Grants. The Joint Initiative’s Research Grants are available for Insight Grant applications. Find out how to apply for the Joint Initiative Digital Citizen Research Initiative.

For more information, please contact the ORS Grants Facilitator for your faculty.

Internal deadline: October 1
Funder deadline: October 15, 8pm EDT