Abbreviated Application Deadline: TFRI/CIHR Operating Grant: Terry Fox New Investigator Award

This funding opportunity is in support of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and intends to contribute to their long-term success by giving them leadership opportunities and contributing to their development as future leaders. This funding opportunity will also focus on the mentorship of ECRs and building capacity with a specific emphasis on cancer research across the cancer control continuum. ECRs are referred to as New Investigators and defined in line with the TFRI definition, i.e., researchers who are within seven calendar years from the start of their first faculty-level appointment.

Applications must receive support and sponsorship from a currently funded research team. For a list of eligible sponsoring projects, please refer to Annex 1: List of Eligible Mentoring Programs, available from this Terry Fox Research Institute webpage (see Guidance Provided section)

For more information, please contact  your Faculty‚Äôs Research Grants Facilitator (in Grants and Contracts, ORS) and/or the Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI): Shane Duan, 1-604-675-8000 ext. 7641, Email:; CIHR : Toll Free: 1-888-603-4178 Email:


Registration Deadline: June 28, 9pm ADT

Full Application (TFRI): 
Internal deadline: September 6, 4:30pm ADT
Funder deadline: September 13, 9pm ADT

Abbreviated application (CIHR): 
Internal deadline: September 6, 4:30pm ADT
Funder deadline: September 13 TBD