Webinar: The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP)

The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP) is Canada’s largest population study of more than 320,000 Canadians in six regional cohorts across the country based at the University of Toronto. The CPTP allows researchers to explore how genetics, environment, lifestyle and behaviour interact and contribute to the development of cancer and other chronic diseases by maintaining data, physical and biochemical measures, and genomic profiles from participants across the country.
CPTC is hosting a researcher webinar on June 11 and is reaching out to all Canadian health science partners with a kind request to help promote this webinar within their networks. A number of researchers at Genome Canada are already using the platform, and many more may be interested as it grows.
Here are the webinar details:
Date:     Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 1-2pm ADT
Webinar title: One billion pieces of data and growing: Canada’s Living Population Laboratory Overview, Case Studies & Access Guide

Click here to register and learn more about CPTP’s capability to leverage massive datasets for population health research and how to access this data through the CPTP Portal.