Mitacs Accelerate

Our Process for Administering Mitacs Accelerate 

  • Timeline to project start date: 
    2-4 months (variable if Mitacs participant needs to be identified)

  • Parties involved: 
    OCIE manager, Mitacs participant and faculty supervisor, industry representative, and Mitacs representative for Dalhousie

  • Download a blank copy of a Dalhousie-Mitacs Agreement [PDF 337 KB]
    *The Mitacs agreement is part of the applicaton process and is a non-negotiable standard form agreement to ensure transparency among all parties.

OCIE works with Mitacs to connect industry and/or not-for-profit organizations with talented students and post-doctoral fellows (PDFs) through the Accelerate program. Together, they work on collaborative projects that can vary in length from four months to multiple years. 

About Mitacs Accelerate

The Mitacs Accelerate program matches an industry or not-for-profit partner’s contribution to the cost of a collaborative internship project. Students and/or PDFs can receive up to $15,000 in funding. For example, one internship unit* can see that $7,500 in funding from the project partner (subject to applicable tax) matched with $7,500 from Mitacs per each 4-6 month period of work completed. 

The Mitacs participant completes half of their internship on-site with the industry partner and the other half at the university under faculty supervision. The Mitacs participant is responsible for completing a report about the project that is reviewed by their faculty supervisor and presented to the industry partner. 

This is a great opportunity for students and PDFs to gain relevant hands-on industry skills in a non-academic environment while also building their own professional network. 

*It's possible to have multiple internship units per project.  

Please note: there’s also funding available to student entrepreneurs through the Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur program. Read more about it in our Information for Startups section.

The Mitacs Halifax representative is Aishwarya Mohan. If you have any questions, please contact her by email at or by phone at (782) 641-2916.

A diagram outlining the process followed when facilitating Mitacs Accelerate partnerships between Dalhousie researchers, companies, and the Mitacs Grants Team.