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Research Collaboration

In 2015, Tesla entered an exclusive research collaboration with Dalhousie’s world-renowned battery scientist and Herzberg Gold Medal recipient, Jeff Dahn, marking the first time the company ever partnered with a university. 

Tesla aims to accelerate society’s transition to sustainable transportation. To do so, innovation in Lithium-ion battery technology and production is needed to bring the cost of their electric vehicles down. The Jeff Dahn Research Group was brought on as a research partner to help the American company find efficient and cost-effective ways to increase the energy density, safety, and lifetime of Li-ion batteries. 

Dr. Dahn pioneered the science of Li-ion batteries in 1980s and is the co-inventor of 65 inventions with patents issued or filed. 

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  • Dr. Jeff Dahn
    Professor and NSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair, Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science

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