Summer Institute


Summer Institute in Neurotechnology Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship (NICE)

The NICE summer insititute was held from 2012-2016, with supprt from teh NSERC CREATE funding program. This funding has now ended. We are currently working on a new program but will not be offering the summer institute in 2018.

The NICE Summer Institute wants to teach you how to "think different" about the potential of neurotechnologies, like computer games and neuroimaging, to change the world and improve people's lives.  

Are you a science trainee who is fuelled by passion and curiousity about neuroscience, but is frustrated by obstacles preventing your lab work from reaching people in the real world?

NICE is an intense 12 day experience designed to build your skills in innovation and communication. It includes a combination of lectures and workshops, and group work to develop an innovative solution to a problem in neuroscience. At the end of two weeks each group pitches their idea in a dragon's den style presentation to a panel of science and industry leaders.

NICE will teach you:

  • To understand neurotechnology and its applications to the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders;
  • The process of innovation and product design, needs finding, needs screening, brainstorming, and prototyping;
  • The core principles of intellectual property such as different types of patents, how patents are claimed and defended, and how intellectual property may be licensed;
  • Understand and explain core concepts of how a business operates, sources of capital, market research, pricing, and management;
  • To analyze an ethical issue raised by the use of neurotechnology in research or applied contexts;
  • How to effectively communicate with different audiences - including scientists, clinicians, patients, journalists, lay people;
  • Work productively with multidisciplinary teams.

To find out more, please check out a previous program.

NICE is open to science trainees and working scientists from around the world. Once accepted, however, you must register at Dalhousie University as a student.  We will help you to do that. For more information on this, please contact us.

CEO & Gradudate of NICE - on how the Summer Institute gives you a real entrepreneurial advantage

Here's how to apply:

To apply to the NICE Summer Institute, prepare and submit the following:

  • A RADIANT NICE Application Form
  • Current official transcript (graduate or undergraduate)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • One letter of recommendation from someone who can speak to your research experience and aptitude.
  • A Letter of Permission from your home University (if not already a Dalhousie student)

Space is limited to 25 applicants. 

Course Fees

Students accepted into the NICE Summer Institute are responsible for paying their own student fees associated with taking this course. Tuition fees will be assessed by Dalhousie University based on the current fee schedule (please see *). 

*Please note that the graduate level course is 6 credit hours and the undergraduate level course is 3 credit hours. Graduate students who enrol at Dalhousie University only for this class will be treated as "Visiting Graduate Students". Students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents will be charged an additional "international differential fee" as noted in the fee schedule.

Where to send your application and get help if you need it

Complete your application online, and email or mail your RADIANT NICE application form.  If you have questions, contact the RADIANT Program Coordinator via email or phone at: