Class Descriptions

The following classes were developed as part of the RADIANT program. They are open to any student with approval of the instructor, however students should consult with their home departments/programs to determine whether credit will be counted towards their degree.

These classes also fulfil some of the requirements of the undergraduate Neurotechnology Innovation Certificate, and the graduate Translational Neurotechnology (TNT) certificates.

Neurotechnology Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship (NESC/PSYO 4705; PSYO 7705)[PDF 66 kB]

  • This class is offered as the RADIANT NICE Summer Institute, as well as for undergraduates during the regular academic year.
  • This class departs from traditional science training by emphasizing the processes of innovation and commercialization: identifying problems that represent real needs in society, and creating novel solutions that not only work, but that can actually reach the people who can benefit from them, in a form they can use. Students will develop an understanding of how to design solutions that meet a real need, and have the potential to be commercialized or otherwise make it into the hands of people who can benefit from the solutions. Although the focus of this class is on neurotechnology, students will find that the core principles taught in the class can be applied in a wide range of scientific and technological applications. This class will provide a unique perspective and new skills that are not typically offered in undergraduate or graduate programs in science or engineering.

PSYO 7711.03 Innovating Neurotechnology I - Concept Generation and Knowledge Translation [PDF 72 kB]

  • This course is designed to give trainees the skills needed so that their great ideas and scientific discoveries can have the most positive impact on the world. It focuses on the early stages of innovation: needs finding and screening, idea generation, and communications.

PSYO 7712.03 Innovating Neurotechnology II - Commercialization and Entrepreneurship;[PDF 72 kB]

  • Along with its partner course, Translational Neuroscience I, this course will train students in the process of innovation. Part II focuses on the later stages of innovation and commercialization, while continuing the project-based, applied model of training.

PSYO 7701.03 RADIANT Seminar [PDF 68 kB]

  • The RADIANT Seminar provides training in core scientific and technical aspects; basic pathology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis of nervous system disorders; clinical and research ethics, commercialization, intellectual property; and the ability to communicate scientific information to scientific, journalistic, and lay audiences.