The Neurotechnology Innovation Certificate

The Neurotechnology Innovation Certificate is designed to provide foundational, multi-disciplinary knowledge in neurotechnology along with the skills needed to translate neurotechnologies into applications.

The certificate blends coursework in neuroscience, computer science, and informatics with classes in innovation, design, and commercialization. The cornerstone of the certificate is the course in Neurotechnology Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship (NESC/PSYO 4705), which can be taken as the RADIANT NICE Summer Insititute, or during the regular academic term.

The Neurotechnology Innovation Certificate is designed to offer undgergraduates a unique "edge" through training in commercialization and entrepreneurship, which can open up new horizons for their careers or future training. Click here for more information.

To enrol in the Neurotechnology Innovation Certificate, students  can declare the certificate through Dal Online (https://dalonline.dal.ca > Web for Students > Admissions > Declare Major/Minor/Certificate). Then, you should email the certificate coordinator (Aaron.Newman@dal.ca) to confirm your enrolment.

To receive a Certificate at graduation, students must apply to graduate with the Certificate, in addition to their degree, also through Dal online (Web for Students > Student Records > Apply to Graduate). Students who wish to earn the certificate should complete all of the required elements (Click here for more information) prior to graduation. 


Class: Science & Technology Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship (SCIE/NESC/PSYO 4705)

This class departs from traditional science training by emphasizing the processes of innovation and commercialization: identifying problems that represent real needs in society, and creating novel solutions that not only work, but that can actually reach the people who can benefit from them, in a form they can use. Students will develop an understanding of how to design solutions that meet a real need, and have the potential to be commercialized or otherwise make it into the hands of people who can benefit from the solutions.

Although the focus of this class is on neurotechnology, students will find that the core principles taught in the class can be applied in a wide range of scientific and technological applications. This class will provide a unique perspective and new skills that are not typically offered in undergraduate or graduate programs in science or engineering.

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