Aaron Newman (Program Director)

Dr. Newman is a Professor in the departments of Psychology & Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Surgery (Division of Otolaryngology), and Pediatrics (Division of Neurology), as well as a Staff Scientist at the QEII and IWK Health Centres. In his research he uses neuroimaging in the study of human neuroplasticity, particularly in the domain of langauge acquisition.

Visit his website for more information on current research projects.

Shaun Boe

Dr. Shaun Boe provides training in basic and applied aspects of neuroscience including diagnostic and rehabilitative interventions for neurological disorders and diseases. He holds the positions of:

  • Associate Professor in the School of Physiotherapy, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, and School of Health and Human Performance
  • Affiliate Scientist, Capital Health
  • Adjunct Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
  • 2013 Director of NICE Summer Institute

Dr. Boe is also trained clinically as a physiotherapist and has research expertise in the areas of basic and applied neuroscience and neurorehabilitation. His research applies advanced technologies (MRI, EEG, MEG, TMS) to investigate brain function and aid functional recovery. You can visit Dr. Boe’s website to find out more about his research.

Gail Eskes

Dr. Eskes provides training in the development of computerized tools for neuropsychological assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation; commercialization; knowledge translation; research ethics; clinical research, and provides opportunities for clinical exposure. She holds the positions of:

  • Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and Medicine (Neurology);
  • Affiliated Scientist, Capital Health
  • Past Director of Research for the Brain Repair Centre
  • Past Executive Chair of the Capital Health REB

Dr. Eskes is a registered clinical neuropsychologist with clinical and research expertise in the assessment and rehabilitation of cognitive disorders associated with brain damage, aging, or psychiatric conditions. You can visit Gail's website to find out more about her research, or go to www.cognitiverepairkit.ca for information about brain rehabilitation at home.

Shannon Johnson

Dr. Johnson provides training in diagnostic and rehabilitative strategies for neuropsychological disorders, and provides opportunities for trainees to gain clinical exposure. She also hold positions as:

  • Associate Professor Psychology, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry
  • Staff Scientist, IWK and QEII Health Centres

Dr. Johnson is a registered Clinical Psychologist trained in Clinical Neuropsychology and directs an integrative research program in neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., autism spectrum disorders) and also has expertise in neurodegenerative disorder. Visit Shannon's website for more information on her research.

Ray Klein

Dr. Klein provides training in applied and contractual research. He also holds the positions of:

  • Professor of Psychology, Computer Science, and Kinesiology
  • Chair of the Department of Psychology
  • former director of its graduate program
  • past Killam Fellow

His research centers on the cognitive neuroscience of attention and he has conducted numerous applied research projects including for HRDC and the Bank of Canada.

Ed Leach

Dr. Leach teachesentrepreneurship in the RADIANT program.

Dr. Leach also works on the major e-health initiative, Connecting People for Health, has won the 2007 Teaching Excellence Award, Faculty of Management, and the 2004 Brian Farhlinger Award for emerging entrepreneurship researcher.

Thomas Trappenberg

Dr. Trappenberg provides technical and data analysis support for RADIANT projects, as well as training in these areas. This includes specifically machine learning, brain modeling, and robotics. He is also:

  • Professor of Computer Science
  • computational neuroscientist who has active collaborations at Dalhousie and Queen's University
  • author of the textbook Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience

He teaches numerous related courses at Dalhousie University and is a past researcher at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan that has contributed many innovations in Neurotechnology. Visit Thomas' website for more information about Computational Neuroscience.

Steve Beyea

Dr. Beyea provides opportunities for RADIANT trainees to learn diagnostic imaging techniques. He holds the positions of:

  • Associate Professor, Diagnostic Radiology, Dalhousie University
  • Scientific Lead for the BIOmedical Translational Imaging Centre (BIOTIC)
  • IWK Research Scientist

Dr. Beyea's own research focuses on developing novel imaging acquisition and analysis technologies that improve the diagnosis of human disease (brain imaging) and rapidly translating them into the clinical setting. View Dr. Beyea's website for more information on reserach projects and available imaging technologies: http://beyeaimaginglab.com

George Robertson

Dr. Robertson is a pharmacologist who has worked in the industrial sector and provides expertise in methods employed for drug discovery. His primary research interests are the development of improved diagnostics and therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders based on signaling mechanisms that control cell death and survivial. He is engaged in several efforts to commercialize products resulting from this work. He holds the position of:
  • Professor, Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University