AACHHR is the Atlantic Advisory Committee on Health Human Resources, and is a division of the Council of Atlantic Premieres. AACHHR support is required, prior to submission to the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Comission for proposals for the below (for programs calling within their scope): 

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As outlined by AACHHR, a health or health-related program proposal, for the purposes of program assessment and the required AACHHR support, is one in which one or more of the following attributes apply:

  1. The program is aimed at training health practitioners.
  2. Provincial governments will become de facto employers of a significant portion of program graduates.
  3. The delivery or management of health-related programs may be influenced by the availability of these graduates.
  4. The proposed health or health-related education or training program is provided with provincial government support.

Proposers are required to complete the appropriate AACHHR form/information requirements in addition to the Dalhousie/MPHEC form (although many of the information requirements are similar).  

MPHEC will not consider proposals for Health and Health Related Programs that are not accompanied by an AACHHR letter of support; to prevent delays, please complete and submit the AACHHR form to the Academic Quality Assurance Manager (contact information on the right) as soon as faculty-level support and Financial Services support is obtained. Other MPHEC/Dalhousie information requirements do not apply, and need not be included/appended, unless they directly support the information requirements on the AACHHR form.