Program Proposal Process

Dalhousie is committed to innovation and the continuous development of its programs. This requires a dynamic and efficient Program Proposal Process—the phases and steps involved to create a new, or make changes to an existing, academic program. * The process is part of Dalhousie's overall Academic Quality Assurance framework, and is consistent with the expectations of the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission. 

The Senate Academic Programs and Research Committee (SAPRC) oversees academic program approvals and quality assurance of academic programs. The Academic Quality Assurance Manager (Provost's Office) and Faculty of Graduate Studies shepherd proposals though the approval process and are the main points of contact for those who are developing or modifying a program. 

The procedures and information on this website are a required supplement to the proposal forms for the following types of proposals. Linked documents are available through SharePoint and are accessible to Dalhousie staff or faculty with a NetID, or upon request to the contacts on the right.     

Types of Program Proposals

New Program or Diploma: a proposal for a new degree, diploma, major or honors within an existing degree that: leads to an exit credential and/or is the equivalent of 30-credits (or one full year of study) at the undergraduate level.

Modifications: proposed changes to an existing program or diploma; may be deemed "major" or "minor" depending upon the impact on the program.

Suspension/Termination of a Degree or Diploma: a proposal to suspend admissions or terminate a degree or diploma.

Minor Program: a proposal for a new, or signifigant changes to an existing (including suspension/termination) secondary area of study within an elgible degree. 

Certificates: a proposal for a new, or signifigant changes to an existing (including suspension/termination), certificate, as defined by the Dalhousie Certificates Framework


*This page concerns changes to academic programs including requirements, structure, curriculum, learning outcomes and degree name. New, or changes to existing, program-level academic regulations (i.e. admissions, progression) follow a separate process and do not use the forms/resources on this page (unless they are being made in tandem with the former, in which case they may be proposed together using the MPHEC form). For queries re: adding or changing academic regulations, please contact