Academic Support Units

'Academic Support Units' support the academic mission of the university and the delivery of academic programs. Proposers should review the information requirements for each unit to ensure the appropriate and complete information is included on the proposal form, and to understand the purpose of the review. 

Rationale for Review and Information Requirements for Academic Support Units [PDF, login required] 

Some units should be consulted as part of the planning process ("Early Consultation" - II. Proposal Development and Consultation). All units should recieve a final copy of the proposal for review ("Final Review" - III. Faculty Approval and Academic Support Units), following which they will issue a letter of support. 

Tracking Sheet for Academic Support Units [PDF, login required] 

Early Consultation and Final Review 

Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)
Elizabeth Gillis, Educational Developer (Curriculum) 
Early consultation with the Senior Educational Developer (Curriculum) to work on program development, learning outcomes, curriculum, etc.

Financial Services
Cheryl Earle, AVP
or (902) 494-2816

To help determine the scope and impact of the proposal, and necessary information to be provided, early consultation involving the Faculty Administrator (or equivalent) is required.
Office of the Registrar
Adam Robertson, Registrar 
or (902) 494-4860 cc:
Early consultation with the Registar's Office can ensure there are no delays in moving the proposal forward, help establish an implementation plan, discuss regulations, admissions requirements and procedures, etc. 
Academic Technology Services (ATS)
Marc Comeau, Director
marc.comeau@dal.caor (902) 494-6686
Early consultation/final review is ONLY REQUIRED IF there is a signifigant impact on Brightspace, classroom technology, the Help Desk or Learning Commons. See full criteria [PDF, login required]  
Doug Gallant
Director, Science, Information Technology, Engineering Co-operative Education  or (902) 494-6175

Robert Wooden
Director, Management Career Services or (902)-494-1575
Early consultation/final review is ONLY REQUIRED IF you are adding or signifigantly modifying a co-op program. 

Final Review Only

University Libraries
Michael Vandenburg
Dean of Librares 

Confirms that the University Libraries has adequate collections, services and staff to support the new or modified program (learning outcomes and enrollment). 


Facilities Management
Peter Coutts
Assistant Vice-President, Facilities Management
or (902) 494-2724
Confirms that the university infrastructure, including, but not limited to, teaching and learning space, office space, library and student-study space and ancillary space and services can support the new or modified program, especially with regards to increased enrollment or new faculty/staff. 
Information Technology Services
James Farmer
Director, Client Services and Infrastructure
or (902) 494-5111
Confirms that ITS can support the new or modified program with regards to centrally managed computing, networking and telecommunication needs.

Most proposals will not require review by ITS. Proposals should be submitted for final review ONLY IF they meet any of the specified criteria [PDF, login required]