V. Faculty of Graduate Studies

(for graduate program proposals only-for undergraduate proposals, skip to VI. Senate and External Approvals)

  1. Once the submission is recieved, and all required documentation has been verified, the External Reviewer will assess the proposal and write a report (the External Reviewer is appointed by the Associate Dean of FGS from a list of individuals provided by the unit and/or the Faculty Dean earlier in the proposal development process); 

  2. For proposals for New Programs only, FGS will arrange for the External Reviewer to conduct a site visit; 

  3. Once the External Reviewer's report is recieved, the proposal will be considered at the Academic Programs and Curriculum Committee (APCC) [PDF] and FGS Faculty Council (New Programs only-APCC is delegated authority for Program Modifications). APCC review of proposals includes the considerations under the second column of Assessment of Program Proposals [PDF] (review and decision making practices for committees that review program proposals).

  4. If approved, and pending any suggested modifications, FGS will make a recommendation to the Senate Academic Programs and Review Committee (SAPRC). 

Faculty of Graduate Studies Approval Process

New Programs Program Modifications
External Review w/site visit External Review
APCC APCC - recommend to SAPRC
FGS Faculty Council - recommend to SAPRC  --