III. Faculty and Academic Support Units

  1. Department/Faculty Approval: once the proposal form is completed (preliminary consultations undertaken, all information requirements satisfied, etc.) it must be approved by the relevant department/school body, followed by faculty-level approval (typically Faculty Council or equivalent) and endorsed to proceed. Departments/Faculties should ensure their review of proposals includes, at a minimum, the considerations under the first column of  Assessment of Program Proposals [PDF] (review and decision making practices for committees that review program proposals). 

  2. Final Review by Academic Support Units: following faculty-level approval of the proposal, please circulate (via email) the proposal for review to each Academic Support Unit. Each unit will issue a letter of support to confirm that a review has been undertaken, based on a set of defined criteria [PDF], and that the proposal meets minimum expectations. These statements are taken into consideration as part of the review and approval of proposals, and should be included in the final submission (please include tracking sheet [PDF] as well). 

    Review time may fluxuate based on the time of year and number of proposals in circulation. Ensuring early consultations have occurred and all information requirements have been met expedites the review process. 

    IF review by any of above units results in additional considerations or resource requests, this should be clearly addressed and/or resolved prior to proceeding to the next step in the approval process. This may require additional consultations with the Dean, Provost and/or Financial Services, as appropriate.

  3. For proposals that require AACHHR approval: please submit the appropriate form to the Academic Quality Assurance Manager once Financial Services has completed their review.

Summary of Steps II and III

Form/Information Requirements
Early Consultation with Academic Support Units
Other considerations/stakeholders/planning
Department/School Approval
Faculty Approval
Submission to Academic Support Units for Final Review