New Programs

(also to be used for Major Modifications). 

Procedures (I. -VI.) are to be used with the proposal forms for New Undergraduate ProgramsNew Graduate Programand Program Modifications [PDF] *Login required. (as of June 2019, Dalhousie requires proposers to use their own version of the MPHEC Information Requirements/Proposal Forms, which are accessible only through this website) and the corresponding Tables * (external link to MPHEC site)

Creating a new program, or significantly changing an existing program, requires that you consider a range of factors. Poposers are expected to consult broadly and address comments and concerns throughout the process. Early consultation with key stakeholders, and a comprehensive and complete proposal, will facilitate review and approval at the final stages

*Please note that Table 5.3 (Budget for New Programs) and Table 2.8 (Budget for Modified Programs) are no longer required for submissions to Senate/MPHEC.