Early consultation with the contacts listed on the right is strongly recomended to discuss the extent of, and information requirements for, planned program modificationsDalhousie follows MPHEC guidelines with regards to distinguishing between 'major' and 'minor' modifications, and consults with the Commission where clarification is needed.    

Major Modifications

Modifications that result in a signifigant impact on the program as designed and previously approved. Includes modifications to program requirements; structure; curriculum; name; outcomes; delivery mode, etc. As a rule, changes that affect approximately 25% or more of the program (as listed above), are considered 'major'. The addition of co-op or other WIL to a program is also considered a major modification (this list is not inclusive, and may be subject to change). 

If you are only changing the name of the degree, this is considered a major modification (submission to FGS/Senate and MPHEC), but certain process steps will usually not be required. Please consult with the program proposal contacts. 

Major modifications follow a development and approval path similar to New Programs.

Minor Modifications

Program changes falling below the threshold for major modification review are deemed to be minor and approval is delegated to the faculty offering the program, or, the Faculty of Graduate Studies-Academic Programs and Curriculum Committee (APCC) for graduate programs only. Minor program modifications may include changes in core course requirements (but no changes in total course requirements), program sequence, changes to elective options, etc.

It is expected that minors modifications will be made to programs and evolution will occur. This accumulation of small changes over time may result in a program that is signifigantly different than that which was previously approved. This will periodically need to be communicated to Senate/MPHEC via a full program proposal, and should be tracked by the program/faculty

Approval Process for Minor Modifications

Graduate* Undergraduate
Department/School approval  Department/School approval
Faculty Council approval Faculty Council approval
FGS-APCC approval                 --
SAPRC (information only)   

*Please consult with the Associate Dean (FGS) to discuss the information requirements for submissions for minor modifications