This page is a resource for faculty members and academic administrators developing certificates—if you're a student interested in enrolling in a certificate program, see Certificates.

A certificate (credit or non-credit) is a focused area of study with a coherent body of knowledge and measurable learning outcomes (Dalhousie University Certificates Framework). At Dalhousie, this nomeclature is reserved for credentials that are consistent with the Dalhousie University Certificates Framework and have been verified by the appropriate approval body. 

Why offer a certificate? 

  • Recognitition of specialization within or concurrent with a degree program
  • Life-long learning (professional/career development post-degree)
  • Recruitment and potental laddering (certificate-diploma-degree)

Did you know?
Students who complete the requirements for a certificate will recieve a notation on their transcript and a certificate of completion (not a parchment) from the Registrar's Office. 

Developing, Modifying or Suspending/Terminating a Certificate?
If you're developing a new certificiate, or modifying or terminating an existing certificate, consult the Dalhousie University Certificates Framework [PDF] (revisions approved by Senate February 25, 2019).  The Famework defines the characteristics of undergraduate and graduate certificates at Dalhousie, and lays out the required proposal and approval processes. 

*Please note that Dalhousie is currently in the process of updating the Dalhousie University Certificates Framework to ensure compliance with new requirements from the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission. If you are planning for a new certificate, please touch base with the contacts on the right. 

Proposal Forms

For Proposing, Modifying or Terminating an Undergraduate Certificate [Word] 

For Proposing, Modifying or Terminating a Graduate Certificate [Word] 


Completed forms should be submitted to the contacts on the right for consideration by the Undergraduate Academic Programs Sub