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Disposal Instructions

The procedures for disposing of surplus items have been developed to maximize the opportunity for reuse of items and to minimize the environmental impact by reducing the amount of new purchases and the amount of material that enters the waste stream. 

  1. Complete the request for disposal form [PDF - 52 kB].
  2. Scan and email surplus@dal.ca or fax to (902) 494-1534. 
  3. Surplus items will be posted on our website for viewing. Once posted, items cannot be removed from the department location.
  4. Disposal of surplus research equipment shall comply with the requirements of Research Service's policy on the disposition of research equipment.
  5. Items deemed not appropriate for sale by the Procurement Department will be disposed of by alternative methods. 
  6. Financial transfers will be completed through the Procurement Department.

Surplus Disposal Policy [PDF - 23kB].

Surplus Payment procedures:

External sales:

  • Procurement will retain a portion of the proceeds of sales to private individuals to cover   some of the costs associated with managing the surplus program
  • Procurement will retain 100% of sales with a value below $30
  • Procurement will retain 25% of sales values at $30 and above. This amount is capped at $1,000

Internal Sales:

  • Surplus items sold within the University will not be charged a procurement handling fee
  • Journal entries will be processed for all internal sales $10 and above
  • Journal entries will not be processed for internal sales below $10 due to the value of the   effort required to process the entries