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Casino Taxi Chits

Dalhousie University and Casino Taxi currently have an agreement that allows departments to use chits for payment. To receive taxi chits, departments must complete an application [PDF - 93 kB] and send it to the Procurement Department. 


Initial orders for taxi chits

Complete and submit a taxi chit application [PDF - 93 kB] to the Procurement Department for processing and distribution. 

The supervisor is required to approve the initial application [PDF - 93 kB] and the person listed as the contact person will be the person responsible for reordering chits.

Ongoing requirements will be ordered by the contact person and delivered to the Procurement Department for distribution. 

Allow two weeks for reordered chits, requests for additional chits can be requested from:

Casino Taxi
Paula George

Departments will need to notify the Procurement Department immediately if there are changes to the contact person or account listed.

Using chits

Chits will be printed with the department’s name and department/research account number. The passenger is responsible for providing the following information on the chit for each fare as highlighted below:


  • from (location)
  • to (destination)
  • date
  • time
  • amount
  • total
  • sign



Lost or stolen chits

Departments are responsible for charges made using taxi chits assigned to them. If chits should become lost or stolen, the contact person should contact Casino Taxi to report it immediately.

Invoicing and payment

Casino Taxi will submit a monthly consolidated invoice to Dalhousie’s Accounts Payable Department. Charges for individual fares will be distributed to the departmental/research account listed on the chit with the cost centre 8500. Each charge will contain the chit number.

Billing inquires should be directed to accounts.payable@dal.ca

Yellow Cab taxi chits

Yellow Cab taxi chits were to be used before August 31, 2012 to allow time to switch to Casino Taxi. Yellow Cab is no longer accepting chits. Please destroy Yellow Cab chits when you receive Casino Taxi chits.