Staples Advantage (EWay)

Dalhousie University currently has an agreement with Staples Advantage. Orders can easily be created and submitted on You can review or print the instructions [PDF - 54 kB].

You must submit an online ordering application [PDF - 106 kB] to If you do not go through the Procurement Department, you will not be linked to Dalhousie pricing.

With your first order, a Staples Advantage catalog will be delivered. This identifies 6,400 products currently stocked in Canadian distribution centres.


Contract pricing is based on an agreement established by Interuniversity Services Inc. Click on "my shopping list" to view specially priced, commonly used items. All other items are discounted by 52 per cent from the current manufacturer's suggested list price. All university pricing is available in real time when using your account. (This excludes market priced items shown in the Staples Advantage which can be identified by the telephone icon). Market priced items are already discounted.


All orders from Staples Advantage "in-stock" that are received by 4 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time each day will be delivered the next business day for no additional charge. shows you live inventory at the time you place your order, so you will know if an item is on backorder, and the estimated delivery time. To reduce overall costs associated with the processing of orders, discretion should be used as to order quantities and frequency. Larger orders, placed less frequently will assist in the control of operating costs and ultimately reduce purchasing costs for campus users.

Special orders

Should you have a special need that cannot be met by the Staples Advantage standard product offering, please contact the Dalhousie Procurement Department. Items not found in the Staples Advantage catalog are considered to be "non-stock". These specials or "non-stock" orders may be non-returnable or subject to restocking charges—please order with caution.

Packing slips

A priced packing slip will accompany each order. Confirm that the goods you have received are correct. Any discrepancies should be reported immediately to the Staples Advantage Customer Service Department. Do not forward these to Financial Services—these are for your records only.

Back orders

Any back orders will be identified on the packing slip. These items need not be reordered—delivery will follow when received by the supplier. The status of any order may be viewed on your account.


The goal for both Dalhousie and Staples Advantage is to minimize our operating costs. Returns increase costs for both parties. If you are uncertain whether you are making the correct selection during the order placement process, please contact the Staples Advantage Customer Service Department. They will be happy to clarify the product selection or unit of measure required. If you have any doubt, a telephone call before your order placement will help reduce order errors significantly.

Full credit will be issued for any in-stock items that are returned within 30 days of receipt of goods. All returned merchandise must be sent back in resaleable condition complete with the original packaging and all instruction materials.

Prior to returning goods for credit, authorization must be received from the Staples Advantage Customer Service Department. Please provide the following information:

  • packing list number found at the top of each packing slip
  • product number for item being returned
  • quantity
  • reason for return

The customer service staff will generate the necessary paperwork that the driver must have prior to taking back any returns. Returns will be picked up within 48 hours.