Online Ordering

Dalhousie Procurement Department currently have four suppliers that offer discounted pricing for online orders.

P-Card or purchase orders are not required! Everything is paid automatically. Do not forward invoices or receipts to Accounts Payable, just place your order.

You instantly receive Dalhousie’s discounted pricing—no need to request a quote. Using your own online account may not automatically give you the discount.

Delegates ordering on the Grant/Research/Org# only need to be approved once on the application [PDF - 106 kB] by the approving supervisor (unit authority). 

Save money, get products faster and feel good about going green—you’ll be saving paper, time and money with Dalhousie’s discount.

To obtain access to Dalhousie pricing, submit an application [PDF - 106 kB] for an ID and password through our department. Once you have applied, you will be provided with a user ID and password within seven days.

Applications [PDF - 106 kB] can scanned and e-mailed to or faxed to (902) 494-1534.