Information for Shippers and Suppliers

Shipping to Dalhousie:

  1. Ensure that you complete a commercial invoice or a Canada Customs invoice with all of the pertinent information for customs clearance into Canada.
  2. Include full shipper name and address.
  3. Include full consignee address: the first line of address should be Dalhousie University, followed by the department number, consignee name, full address, contact phone numbers, etc.
  4. All documents must show a Dalhousie University purchase order number or a DAL number. The DAL number would be DAL followed by 5 numbers, i.e. DALxxxxx. This should be supplied to the shipper/vendor at time of placement of the order by Dalhousie University.
  5. A detailed description of the goods is required by Canada Customs. A description of “biological samples” or vague descriptions such as “machine parts” will result in the delay of customs clearance of the shipment and delay in delivery of the goods. Specifics for description that are required must indicate what each individual item being shipped is. If you are shipping biological or other laboratory samples, a description of the item must appear on the paperwork as well as the source of the product. Example: “synthetically produced DNA”, blood fractions (you must state from what source—i.e. bovine, human, goat, etc.).
  6. If available, include the harmonized system classification number which you would find in the Harmonized System Tariff.
  7. Indicate the quantity of goods being shipped.
  8. Indicate the value of the goods.
  9. Indicate the currency.
  10. Indicate the country of manufacture.
  11. Please supply an original NAFTA certificate if you are shipping from the USA and the goods are eligible for NAFTA.
  12. See the CCI form [PDF - 60 kB] for your use.