Corporate Cards

Dalhousie University currently has three corporate card programs with the Bank of Montreal (BMO) MasterCard:                                                           

  • The Purchasing Card (P-Card): Shall be used for all purchases under $3,000 unless the vendor cannot accept credit card transactions.
  • The Travel Card: Used for university travel
  • The Fleet Card: Used for purchasing fuel and maintenance of a registered Dalhousie vehicle.

If you are interested in obtaining a Card, please complete the application for that card following the link above.  

Some restrictions apply—review individual links for more information.

Corporate cards are the property of Dalhousie University and the cardholder’s personal credit rating is not a consideration in obtaining a card; nor will the cardholder’s personal credit rating be affected.

The university, the department and the cardholder are responsible to ensure that the corporate cards (Travel, Fleet or P-Card) are only used to make authorized purchases. Personal purchases are not permitted.

Lost or stolen cards should be reported to MasterCard immediately by calling 1-800-361-3361.